Having great signage at your next event can:

  • Direct traffic
  • Provide agenda information
  • Illustrate event history
  •  Promote your message
  •   Define spaces
  •  Create traffic flow
  • Provide a memorable photo opportunity
  •   Support your brand
  • Add ‘sizzle’

Signage should be aesthetically pleasing, yet functional. Remember most people are engaged visually and if you are able to catch their eye you will peak their interest.

Before creating signs for your next event, develop your ‘sign strategy’ take into consideration the detail, content and visual appeal as well as how it should be included in the design of the event (i.e. overall layout) Be creative with signage types (i.e. banners, backdrops, and pop-ups)

However you apply your signage make it impactful, meaningful and build brand awareness!

Want to learn more about how to implement a great sign detail into your next event? Call or email us today!



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