You want to have an event but where do you start? The initial four steps of starting any great event should include confirming your overall goal, identifying your vision, creating a layout, and developing a budget. It is important to establish these key elements to ensure the event is a success.

First, confirm your goals by asking: What do we want to achieve? Relationships, profitability, charitable funds, brand awareness. Once you have your goals in order make sure the overall vision incorporates these goals.

The vision should identify: What can this event look like to achieve these goals? Appeal to target audience, align with brand, uniqueness for marketability.

Once the vision is established think about the type of venue that best fits your vision. Choose a venue that suits your target audience; take your location into consideration, should it be an outdoor or indoor event.

At this point, we recommend you also develop a preliminary layout to see if the venue has the ability to provide the strategic components for your event. Choosing the right venue is vital to sending the right message to participants so before you settle on a venue be sure the layout of the space is aligned with your overall goals and vision.

The next major element is to develop the budget. How much will the event cost? Develop a detailed layout to begin the process of costing out the event to determine its feasibility. Choosing your goals, establishing a vision and looking at venues are some of the first steps to planning any event; however, budget must always be factored in prior to signing any contracts!

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