There is no doubt that with the growing millennial generation, societies’ values are ever changing and are far different compared to that of the baby boomer generation. Millennials thrive off of new experiences and value happiness, adventure, and diversity over the more traditional and established values of the baby boomer generation. For this reason, marketing for your event and executing a corporate event requires a different set of skills that event planners must be wary of in today’s world. 

Today’s millennial generation has a strong desire for social impact and community well-being. Having an event that represents a cause is a remarkable way to entice your attendees and create an event with a distinct purpose. For instance, many companies now implement “green” practices. These practices really capture the millennials, as they are the generation heavily dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. Any event that shows concern for the future of its attendees is one that will be more attractive to the participants. 

Create an event that encourages attendees to interact and share with their peers. The millennial generation is noted for their lack of ability to focus for a long period of time due to the increasing digital lifestyle. However, being tech-savvy merely allows this generation to process and make judgments quicker. Having an event that entices attendees from the start is vital. Even more, events can be maximized with interaction in a group. Passive listening for a long period of time will likely bore your attendees. Events that encourage guests to come in groups or include active engagement allow them to share new experiences and have constant multi-sensory stimulation.

The number #1 way to engage your millennial generation attendees before, during, and after your event is through the digital world. Social media presence should be emphasized during the marketing and onsite stages. In the marketing phase, you can create incentives such as discounted tickets to your social media followers or even create VIP perks and events exclusively for those who have interacted on social media extensively. While onsite an event, platforms such as Twitter (create a trending hashtag!), Instagram, and Snapchat are being heavily used in the corporate world. They allow attendees to interact with the brand online and with other peers at the event digitally. There is no question that a corporate event today must incorporate the tech world in order to be a true success.

We hope these tips allow you to engage your millennial audience at your next event! Contact Eventrics today for full event planning and management services for meetings, conferences, conventions, corporate, social and special events!

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