As every good event planner knows, an event is not simply done once strike is over. There are a series of steps involved in completing an event that usually take place once the event itself is over. In order to truly finish your duties as an event planner or host, it’s important to complete the following tasks post-event: 

Get feedback from guests and clients—this is an important step to further your career and improve on certain aspects in the future. This also gives you a chance to receive testimonials to give to future clients. During this step, it’s important to also receive and give feedback to your own team of event coordinators. Your team can grow and learn as each event passes. Be sure to note of any changes you plan on making in the following years and which vendors you would or would not like to work with in the future.

Engage your event via social media—Utilizing social media after an event will draw attention to those who attended your event and also to those who could not attend. In the corporate world, annual events such as conventions and galas are very common. Showcasing the highlights from an event can increase your audience for the next year’s event. This will bring more attentiveness to your brand but also allow your event to grow over the years.

Finalize and organize budget—Following the event, you should give your client a complete and thorough run down of all expenses including all paid invoices involved in the event. This will ensure there are no outstanding payments and also serves great for future reference if the event is to be repeated.

Send thank you cards or gifts—Show your appreciation to whoever played a significant role in the planning process. This is a great way to not only give thanks by creating a personal thank you, but also by increasing the spirit of the event and securing your clients throughout the years.

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