Branding is a significant way to market and establish an identity for a business, by not only creating awareness of the brand itself but also the business’ goals and values. Events are an incredible way of utilizing branding strategies when used effectively. There are many different aspects of an event that can be heightened with the use of your brand. We’ve outlined a few of the many ways to increase awareness of your business at your next corporate event or meeting!

Food and Beverages:
With a simple stamp on food items or creative packaging, food and beverages can be taken to the next level with this branding technique. From branded drink mixers to napkins and wrappers, guests will be surrounded by your brand.

Choosing a location and theme that fits with your demographic and event’s goals is a discrete way to establish your brand further by creating an identity beyond a logo. For instance, an event for a technology related business should reflect that with its décor and layout.

Event Signage:
Signage at the event is a simple way to not only show off your logo once again, but also depict your event and business’ goals. Whether its directional or informative signage, you can incorporate your theme and goals into the design and verbiage

Take home gifts are the best way to expand your brand beyond the event. When guests take home memorable and useful gifts, others take notice of the brand’s logo and in turn create a larger audience for the business.

We hope these tips will help you in expanding your business’ identity when hosting an event! Contact Eventrics today for full corporate event planning and management services.

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