Corporate Event planning can be an incredibly complex and stressful task especially when it can represent and reflect a company’s image and brand. With so many different aspects to consider and employees trying to plan the event around their day-to-day job, you may find yourself with limited time to create a memorable and successful event. We’ve gathered some reasons why hiring a corporate event planner might be the best decision you make for your event: 

Expertise: With years of experience, a corporate event planner knows the types of problems that can unexpectedly arise when planning an event and exactly how to plan for them. Their ability to think on their feet and deal with last minute changes efficiently and without hesitation makes a corporate event planner incredibly qualified to take the reigns of your event. Even more than their abilities on site, the planning process can be eased with their expertise in fields such as food and beverage, venues, décor, and audio/visual components. They know not only how to logistically create a flawless event, but how to represent your company and brand in a professional manner. 

Stress-Free: Planning a corporate event without hiring a professional means using your own employees as planners, who naturally have less time to devote to the event than a professional whose sole job is to create a wonderful event for you. Let us take on the stresses and countless tasks for you along with our expertise in the field to create an event worth remembering for your guests. 

Professional Connections: When working with a professional who has been in the event planning business for many years, you are not only getting their event planning services, but also gaining their huge network of vendor connections. As experts in the field, they know who is the most reliable and cost effective to get the job done. Oftentimes, vendors with a long history with an event planning company will give discounted costs to their clients. 

The benefits of hiring a corporate event planner extend even beyond these reasons. If you’re considering hiring a corporate event planner in Florida, contact Eventrics today for a free consultation!

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