Eventrics is a professional, full-service corporate event planning company. We bring talent, enthusiasm and experience to the planning and management of meetings, conferences, conventions, hospitality events, trade shows, corporate, social and special events.

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Sherrin Smyers


Collectively, our team comes to you with over 30 years of experience in sports at the highest level. We believe that the rules in sports and business are the same.

There is no secret about the success of the events we manage…we simply change the way events happen. Our company stands on principal and ethics standards that are unmatched, giving our client the personal attention and confidence they deserve. Our staff embodies a quality work ethic and our background in professional sports provides us the necessary keys we know are required to be successful.

Teamwork is just an idea to many companies, but because of our backgrounds at Eventrics, we understand the concept. Discipline, passion, commitment, talent and a full love of the game is an innate quality we all share.

Through our experiences, we’ve learned what it takes to be successful.